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We are now receiving a numberr of P800T's for clients who have submitted SA100s.  The figures are generally wrong because some untaxed income. often buiness income (S/Emp or partnership) is missing.  We have in mind to send these back to HMRC refrrring them to the submitted SA100.  Often the client has received a cheque and probally banked it.  What are other practioners doing in such circumstances as the above is going to cause us extra work and probally some grief.

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By ACDWebb
02nd Aug 2012 09:01

The PAYE ye rec process flips too far back the other way!

You have to tell the client the P800 is wrong as it does not reflect entries in the return, and that any repayment made will need to be paid back to HMRC, or if possible that they should not bank the cheque

Certainly if the SA100 has already been submitted, and ignored in the rec process, and possibly even if not if the client is clearly within SA and has been required to make a return, then a complaint and claim for the additional costs in correcting the error should be considered.

If this is a regular occurence then perhaps we need a template letter for the claim?

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