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P87 or self-assessment tax return

P87 or self-assessment tax return

I have a client who has discovered that he has underclaimed fixed deduction expenses on his self-assessment tax return for the last few years. I wonder if he can correct this via a P87 or does he need to go through the process of amending his tax returns? I just thought a P87 might be a simpler option. Maybe not!
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By UK Tax
13th Jan 2012 12:33

Overpayment relief / amended SATR


Had to do this last year to claim interest relief on offices let to client's company that previous adviser had omitted to claim!  When within time limits, you need to amend the SATR as it's an SA case.  For earlier years, a claim to overpayment relief is needed (new term for error or mistake).



UK Tax

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