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reallocating a purchase payment to the correct invoice in sage 50

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Hi I'm new to this forum. I need help with reallocating a purchase payment to the correct invoice in the previous year in sage 50 . A proforma invoice was posted as the tax invoice in 2018 and paid  The invoice came in 2019.  We've had year end. I tried to unallocte the payment so I could delete the proforma then put the correct invoice on. But that invoice will be dated in the current year 2019. Is this correct?  When doing it though I unallocated all the purchase payments for several invoices. All the same customer. So now I have two problems. As November invoices look as if they've not been paid. How do I rectify this without effecting the year end?

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By johngroganjga
23rd Feb 2019 07:29

You had already accounted fully and completely for the transaction in question, so I am not sure why you needed to do anything other than attach the final invoice to the proforma invoice in your filing system. So just reverse everything you have done.

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By kevbrownuk
23rd Feb 2019 11:00

Hi Heather,

Unallocating and reallocating transactions in sage 50 has no bearing at all on the nominal balances. Allocating and unallocting only changes/corrects the aged balances.

If youve deleted payments then that may be another situation entirely.

My advice. Backup what you have done so you have yourself a point to go back too if things get worse.

Go into bank~customer receipts. One at a time hit pay in full on the original receipt and original invoice it paid off. Make sure you change the payment date at the top right to be the date of the original payment otherwise you could ruin the aged debtors report. Make sure the total says £0. Hit save and repeat the process for each receipt you unallocated

That should get you back to your starting position.

Kevin Brown
Regional development manager - North England
Sage UK - accountants

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By Heather Nichol
23rd Feb 2019 21:54

Hi Kevin
I tried what you suggested already. I went into supplier payments and paid off the invoices with the original payment date one at a time. I did one first but it shown up on the unmatched transactions in the bank I didn't expect it to do that so I stopped. The thing with our system we use orderwise too so customer and supplier invoices with purchase orders go on orderwise first then posted over to sage. The invoice I put on went straight on sage as it didn't appear to have a PO at the time. So hence why it has to be deleted from sage and put through orderwise first then paid off again through sage. I don't want to mess up anything in sage. Any help would be grateful.

Many thanks

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