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Paperless office

Paperless office

We are a small accountancy practice, total of 6 staff, we are looking to go paperless. Can anyone with experienced using this type of software makes a recommendation.


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29th Feb 2012 08:13

Take a look at Filecenter (USA spelling!)

I've been using it for a year without problems and it seems to solve most problems I had i.e comes with integrated pdf / scan software and meshes in with Outlook so that emails can all be saved in the filing system at the click of a button.

Best feature for me is that it is only an add on to the basic Windows explorer so you can toggle between the two at will. If you decide in 5 years time you don't like it or they go bust etc your documents are not all trapped in some bespoke package!

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29th Feb 2012 08:52


I agree with Steve - FileCenter is very good. I too have been using it for a year. This is after using Rapport and Logical office. FC is simple and you are not tied with monthly fees.

Though with 6 staff I am not sure if it would be right for you.

One other point think systems before thinking paperless, Once you get your systems sorted paperless would a lot easier.

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29th Feb 2012 09:23


Thanks for mentioning Filecenter - I hadn't come across it before, and it looks impressive (and value for money.)

Am I right in thinking that it doesn't contain a CRM facility, and that it's solely document management?  Therefore another piece of software might be required (if there isn't one already) to manage other aspects of a paperless office.


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29th Feb 2012 09:32


Yes FC is not a CRM/practice management.

So far I have not come across a practice management software that fits my requirements and it actually works as glossy websites say.

The Taxcalc one that I was involved in the testing was nearly there but that is shelved for the moment.


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29th Feb 2012 10:10

Do all you can without software first

Hi - not sure how far down the road you are at the moment but a mistake many firms make is to think that from next monday, with new software, they can go paperless.  I met an IT guy from a firm recently where two of the partners still insist on printing everything out, then scanning it to save in their doc management system (and not recycling the paper).

As far as basic documents are concerned all we have ever done is to mimic the paper files & cabinets on a shared server and so, with over 95% of the documents being created by us, clients and others being electronic (PDF, excel & docs) all we do is save them in the clients' and admin folders, they never touch a printer.  That leaves us having to physically scan perhaps 15 items a week maximum.

With all that being handled without software the only bit we really needed software for were the 60-70 emails a day in & out and these are now "filed" using "Mailsafe" a great piece of software.  Originally I wasn't sure about having one store for documents and another for emails but, with all but one client on email, it's rare I need to look at the server files and so they are more of an archive then live data store.

Having said all of that, I would be lost in overall client and client work management without Irris Practice Management and I find that this works well without the baggage of years of documents attached to it.  Remember the only important documents are the live ones, the rest are archive.

Every firm is different and, with more than a couple of people you have to find systems that everyone is happy to use and be involved in, so I would always suggest you make manual systems as simple as possible first then see what software you need.




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01st Mar 2012 11:37

paperless office

Thank you all for your imput, muck appreciated.

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By ksalter
03rd Mar 2012 10:34

Practical Gulde to Paperless Office

As previously mentioned - our free Practical Guide to the Paperless Office is available at


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11th Apr 2013 17:39

give me a call for a free demonstration on how paperless now


Integration to your Pm solutions and also now portals with electronic signatures for things such as tax returns are absolutly fantastic


drop me a line or - very cost effective but also state of the art technology for accountants!

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13th Mar 2013 12:18


did you get anywhere with this ?

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