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Paperless offices in the north east of England

Paperless offices in the north east of England

We are an accountants based in the Nort East of England that are considering implementing a paperless office and we are wondering if their are any other firms in the local area who have already implemented a paperless office that would be willing to allow us to come to your office and see how the system works for you and help to answer some of our questions.



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08th Feb 2013 16:36

I have changed my own office

to paperless but was relativly simple as just one man band.

i can recomend a specialist company based on Team Valley Gateshead if you need to do things on a larger scale who are very cost effective.

Private message me if you want there details.



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By Cube
08th Feb 2013 16:43

Have you seen the A-WEB 'document management discussion group' page?

You might find some pointers there.

Would love to hear how you get on.



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08th Feb 2013 22:42

An idea...

I am a big advocate of Evernote for my personal paperless organisation (coupled with a good Scansnap scanner) and they have just launched a business offering..

It may be a bit revolutionary for an accountancy practice though - more suited to a design agency??


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