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Part-time, term-time worker pay

Part-time, term-time worker, leaving work at the end of term, mid month - final salary adjustment

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I have a part-time term-time worker leaving work 21st July.  She gets paid monthly, on the last day of the month (14 hrs/wk x £8.05/hr x 43.6 wks/yr / 12 mths = £409.48/mth), so I assumed there would be an adjustment for her leaving mid-month, however the contract states:

"Upon termination of employment no adjustment will be made to reflect the number of hous/weeks worked relative to school holidays taken at the date upon which employment finishes"

Can anyone advise me as to whether I pay the full wage for July, or whether I just pay the proportion to 21st July (£409.48 x 12 mths / 365 days x 21 days worked)?

Thankyou !


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10th Jul 2017 11:17

What has happened in the past?
I would pay the proportion of the usual monthly pay.
I believe the clause relates to stopping any overpayment of holiday pay from being clawed back.

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11th Jul 2017 11:12

Ditto, I would pay proportional.
I would think the clause is in place so that if she left on 31st August you couldn't make an adjustment to reclaim her pay for the summer holidays but that is not the case here, her leaving date is mid-month .. in fact you may owe her holiday pay?

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11th Jul 2017 12:16

What is the termination date of her contract? You have told us the last day she will be working, but that is not necessarily the termination date, for a term-time only worker.

For example if she is required to give one month notice, and gave that notice at the end of June, to expire at the end of July, surely you would pay her for the full month of July.

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