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Partnership break-up, both business and personal

Partnership break-up, both business and personal

A client is part of a broken partnership, both business and personal. The other partner is the named partner for SA800 returns. The other partner is refusing to complete the SA800, or provide accounts to allow my client to do so. This of course will also have implications for my clients SA100 return.
Can I request the intervention of the Inland Revenue, to prevent my client being unfairly penalised. My client knows, approximately, her income allocation from the partnership, but this cannot be proven, apart from its similarity to the previous year.
Adrian Lawrence


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By neileg
18th Aug 2000 13:11

Different tack?
I can't see how you can expect the Revenue to compel the other partner, other than by the normal action of the rules on submission.
The obligation on your client is to file her returns, and I would have thought that completion of these on the basis of whatever information she has available, plus a full disclosure of the facts should avoid the penalties.
Shouldn't it?

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