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Partnership UTR Request

Applying through agent gateway broken?

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Hello all

Usually setting up UTR's we log into our agent gateway, click 'register client for new taxes', self assessment, partnership and then fill in the details.

Im getting a flag for the client currently, who has a personal UTR and now setting up a partnership. A Self Assessment registration already exists for National Insurance Number *********. If you are registering your client for Self Employment use theĀ Self Assessment and National Insurance Contributions registration form (CWF1ST).

Which I know... I want a Partnership UTR now!

Anyone else having this issue?

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By CJaneH
08th Dec 2021 16:16

Back in August 2019 I set up a new partnership using paper forms because at that time that appeared to be the only route. I would be interested to know if a partnership can be set up online.

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Replying to CJaneH:
By jwill76
08th Dec 2021 16:39

I've set up many this year online. But now its throwing a wobbly!
Might call the agent helpline in the morning and see if there is a problem

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