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I've just read - with some disbelief - that, once RTI is up and running, you'll need to enter the employee's passport number before being able to pay him. (Tax Adviser March 2012)

What about people without passports ?  Can't they have a job ?

Or putting it another way, do the unemployed have to fork out the best part of £100 for something they might not need just to get off the unemployment register ?


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10th Mar 2012 12:02


I haven't a passport, either!

Expanding on this a little, will the government be paying benefits and pensions to people without passports, or is this just going to be another overhead on employers?

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10th Mar 2012 12:14

I was wondering about this

I managed to be passportless for several years recently (small children, no desire to take toddlers to the airport for a "relaxing" holiday - had some lovely holidays in the UK).  Surely they cannot force everyone to have a passport....

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By SteveOH
10th Mar 2012 12:25

Not necessary

This came up recently on AWeb. I'm sorry but I haven't the time at the moment to find the link.

But the gist was that a passport is not necessary, other than in special circumstances. When I get back from shopping (aaaaaargh) I'll try and find a link to the previous post.

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By Locutus
10th Mar 2012 18:39

Here is a link to an article about RTI ...

... which may be the one SteveOH was thinking about.

Apparently there will be a field to enter passport numbers, but entry will not (at least initially!) be mandatory.

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By 0098087
11th Mar 2012 10:01

Only mandatory for overseas employees and you cannot take them on without seeing the passport and visa if relevant

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11th Mar 2012 10:52

New Field has crept in

I see a field for passport number has crept into the latest release of numerous payroll solutions.


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12th Mar 2012 08:34

The Tax Advisor article is either very misleading, or some of the above comments are wrong!  No idea which!

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01st Oct 2012 14:38

So much misinformation!

RTI requires HMRC to be able to identify who you are paying.

NI number is a good start

If this fails name, address, DoB will be used, and if necessary and available, passport number

That's it really!

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By ringi
01st Oct 2012 17:40

Not everyone has a NI number

This is what I think is going on….

There are people that are allowed to work in the UK that don’t have a NI number, an employer has to check (and copy) their password before being allowed to employ them.   The first payment may have to be made to the employer before an NI number has been issued.


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02nd Oct 2012 11:11

RTI and Passports
And I foolishly thought that getting rid of New Labour would get rid of all of these intrusions. And don't say that it is "necessary". It will only be necessary to cancel your passport when "they" don't want you to leave! Advice on getting a second passport on request. The Government brags about cancelling ID cards then collects all the information to share around anyway. Just another bit of info to make available to Hackers.

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