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Past questions/answers not anonymous again

Past questions/answers not anonymous again

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I have just been looking at some of my past question/replies and they are showing my name so as others have already done I have got to delete them.

Do past threads make sense anymore with so many deletions?


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By Anonymous
14th Jul 2009 17:04

I cannot delete everything
OP here I have been tryng to delete everything but it will not allow me delete questions only answers. I have amended a question to read blank but it will not allow me to delete or amend one because for some reason it has been classified as an "Article"

My user name shows who I am and I could easily be identified by that - Is this a breach of the Data Protection Act.

I hope the advertisers are pulling out as fast as the members.

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14th Jul 2009 16:54

All posts that were made anonymously on the old platform or have
It looks like the posts you have tried to delete were never anonymous to begin with - and also, rather than delete them you've simply removed the content from the question?

All you need do is find your post, click 'Edit', tick the 'Make this post anonymous' box and then 'Submit'.

Please contact us at member [email protected] if you need to discuss anything further.

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14th Jul 2009 18:03

Item has been removed

This was an isolated case (seperate from the anonynimity issue) and I've made the item non-live.

It's now back to being an any-answers post so if you want to delete it I can make it live, or if you prefer it can stay as it is or I can delete it.

Let me know either on [email protected] or via a pm, if you've got any other questions let me know.


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By Shorty
15th Jul 2009 16:36

Does this change the thread?
If you edit and resubmit does it keep the date order as it was - or will it put old posts as new date?

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