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Patrolling company benefits

Has anyone done this?

i was wondering if anyone is using or has clients using the payrolling company benefits?

having taken on more staff the past couple of months and provided them with a car - also for personal use.(no fuel allowance) Is it worth registering and what have people thought about it?

I have already sought the opinion of external accountant but they are yet to experience clients using it.



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21st Jan 2018 16:06

Patrolling/payrolling .... it certainly misled me.

No - I'm not into new stuff. Happy to allow others to take the credit for finding the bugs in new systems if I possibly can.

Plus - I don't see a great deal of value in it for anyone other than HMRC.

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21st Jan 2018 22:19

Initial thoughts were that this was an MLR enquiry!
Doesn’t anyone bother to check/review what (drivel) they’ve written, these days?

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