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Pay periods

Pay periods

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Esteemed colleagues,

Does anyone have a good way around having to report RTI each pay period?  I'm thinking in particular about clients who might wish to continue paying staff weekly/monthly but only pay our fees for reporting monthly/quarterly (even annually?).  Could we use director's loan account (or drawings for self employed employers) or is that too transparent?

All reasonable ideas welcome!

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By Euan MacLennan
09th Apr 2013 11:36

Your clients have two options

"clients who might wish to continue paying staff weekly/monthly but only pay our fees for reporting monthly/quarterly" have two options:

do it themselves weekly/monthly using HMRC Basic PAYE Tools or proprietary software costing £56 a year, oraccept your advice that they must change their ways and pay staff monthly and pay you the fees to run a monthly payroll or at least, to file a FPS every month.

Our OMB clients draw the typical minimal salary (£640 in 2013/14) every month and will therefore need an RTI FPS every month.  Fortunately, we use Moneysoft which has an RTI Batch Processor - you don't need to run a payroll or produce payslips every month, but instead, you set up the monthly payments at the start of the year, add the company to the batch list and then, once a month, one click on the batch processor will file the FPSs for all the companies.

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09th Apr 2013 14:13

Prepare in advance

We are with some clients preparing four weeks in advance in one hit.

This works mainly where employees are paid the same every week.  Where there are adjustments to be made such as extra hours these are paid and calculated on the first week of the next batch.

Therefore we only access the payroll once a month but prepare four weeks in one go for the client.

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