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PAYE Basic tools


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have a new client who has been using HMRC basic tools for payroll

we are now takign over the payroll for them and will be switchign them over to moneysoft

i cant find the P11's in the basic tools - can anyone poitn me in the right direction?


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By SteLacca
10th Oct 2019 13:59

From the home page, choose "Settings" (top right), and then "Export" (Upper left).

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Replying to SteLacca:
By busacrun
10th Oct 2019 14:52

thanks, tried this but nothing happens?

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By SteLacca
10th Oct 2019 15:38

OK, gets a bit convoluted, but here goes. In BPT where the export is, it will tell you the path of the export file. It's an xml file and can't be used directly, but can be made to work (depending on your caution level).

You need to convert the xml to csv, which can be done either with paid for utilities, or using an online converter, such as Upload the xml found at the path mentioned above, and you should then be able to download the csv.

In payroll manager go to tools/import data/import employees..... and navigate to your newly downloaded csv file.

In the import window, you'll need to correct the mappings (double click column headers and map correctly, or choose "Ignore" if you don't want that column importing. You may also need to uncheck a whole heap of blank lines in the "Import" column. You need to get the number of errors (bottom right) to zero.

Then complete the import.

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By jcace
10th Oct 2019 22:40

Alternatively, if you prefer manual entries from P11s, within each employee's record, select "Employee payments" then "Employee pay and deductions record". You can then print them individually.

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