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PAYE & CIS refunds

More of a rant than a question

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why do employer PAYE refunds and Ltd co CIS refunds take so chuffing long?!

all refunds requested at the end of April and all agreed on the phone, letters received today, usual guff about security checks, but will probably be another 3 months before refunds come through

I may be wilting in the heat of the day, but what is the hold up with these???????


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By frankfx
31st Jul 2020 15:24

Send rant to your MP and client MP.

MPs in full recess may be taking a well- paid stay cation ( my rant)

Cash flow
cash flow
cash flow ... lifeblood of the economy.
That message seems lost in some corners of the Treasury.

HMRC staff not in a position to give a categorical response is a disgrace .

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By Moonbeam
31st Jul 2020 15:58

They claim it's security issues, which is irritating when the client's done nothing wrong.

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By SXGuy
31st Jul 2020 16:08

More like to many staff at home. Not enough to process refunds.

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By Paul Crowley
31st Jul 2020 17:26

Same problem every year on CIS
HMRC not fit for purpose

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By lionofludesch
31st Jul 2020 17:36

It's deliberate inefficiency.

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By Open all hours
01st Aug 2020 07:52

(My rant). PAYE should be paid by direct debit and refunds should follow where applicable within days as they do with VAT. On merger The Revenue were keen enough to assume the same powers as Customs but they were very selective in other areas.

There are pseudo excuses but no valid reasons.

Working from home is no excuse - people love it and it works so well - unless you want to get something done like a passport/driving licence/bank account opened.

Security is no excuse - long standing ‘customers’ are no such risk.

Capacity is no excuse - planning for the extension of MTD could be suspended until the basics are covered.

I feel your pain.

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