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PAYE Codes available online (agent)

Why can't HMRC make PAYE codes available to agents online as soon as they issue P6 notices?

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I deal with payroll for a number of clients.

Whenever I get a P6 notice for a director/employee who we also look after for SA, I check online to see why the code has been changed so that I can be proactive with the client.   Most of the time this is a pointless exercise as HMRC have not made this available on the client's SA account with us!

Surely HMRC have had enough time to have made the link between their PAYE system and SA online (agent website) instantaneous.


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11th Oct 2018 12:11

you naively assume that:

1) HMRC are competent to run a computer system
2) HMRC care.

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11th Oct 2018 12:35

All this will change with RTI.

Oh - hang on a minute .....

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11th Oct 2018 13:02

I've seen a couple of days ago a tax coding notice for a client's employee for home I' have PAYE access as agent? it was in the PAYE messages.

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11th Oct 2018 13:06

Looks to me like most Government departments have major issues?
Mind you, I doubt whether a major review and overhaul, of all Government agencies, will be coming, anytime soon.
And, as Lion always remarks, MTD will immediately resolve all these problems.
Place your bets on the likely outcome of that exercise.

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