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Asking for password before ID

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So I had to purchase a new PC last week and all the joys of reinstaling everything. Downloaded PAYE Desktop viewer and it worked fine. Now it asks for application password. 

This isn't the password for the HMRC login, it's the application passsword. Never had this before. Anyone had this problem? I have tried the HMRC password, which doesn't work. I've tried my Microsoft password. That doesn't work. 

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By 0098087
13th Jun 2024 14:42

So i've tried speaking to HMRC. Spent time on the phone and when I get through they have told me it's the wrong part of online services tech support. They then proceeded to give me different options to press when I get through again. Still can't speak to the right person. What is wrong with this organisation. Shambles. Sodding useless.

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