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PAYE for Agents - Online Enrollment

PAYE for Agents - Online Enrollment

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Hi All

I applied in writing for all my agent codes since setting up my own practice and I received my response which gave me my SA and CT codes, whilst explaining I needed to apply for VAT and PAYE online.

I then used the HMRC "IR Agent Registration for PAYE (here ) and it successfully gave me an agent code (applied and received code on Saturday 16th April).

I have been trying to enrol for the online service since using this code and it keeps telling me the following error:

ERROR: The details you have entered are either incorrect or you may have already enrolled for this service. If the problem persists please contact the HM Revenue & Customs Online Services Helpdesk or select 'Back' to return to Your Services.

I have successfully activated my SA, CT and VAT services but even now I cannot get it to accept the Agent Code given to me for PAYE/CIS/ERS.

I spent an hour on the phone to online services help desk who eventually decided I needed to speak to the agent helpline who then after an hour decided there was nothing they could do until i had activated the service and therefore needed to speak to online services!! After another half hour I got put through to a different adviser who simply said "It can take about 5 days for the codes to fully update in the system so it will work just keep trying."

Well here I am 9 days on and still no joy!

I have tried creating a different agent code in my personal name rather than the company name and have also register a 2nd code for the company on Monday 18th (just in case the weekend had anything to do with it) and still no code is being accepted and letting me in!

Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions what I can try or am doing wrong??



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27th Apr 2016 19:05

PAYE for Agents

Over 2 years ago, one of my clients took on her first employee over the PAYE and NI limit. As she had previously employed only temporary staff, did not have an accounts office reference. After numerous phone calls and letters, I was eventually give one. But when I tried to use it, I got ' Not recognised' when I entered it (several times)' I have since phoned  and written many times, but still stalled. I have kept copies of all correspondence for the inevitable visit by an inspector.

Sorry, Alex, do as I have done. Make sure your client has the money set aside and await a visit,

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By Trisburg
08th Apr 2019 19:13

Hi Alex,

I am having the same problem. Did you ever get anywhere with this?



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Replying to Trisburg:
By LFilby
23rd Apr 2019 09:29

Hi Trisburg,

I've got exactly the same problem - did you manage to find any solution?


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