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PAYE no more EYU's

CIS suffered correction

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19th is the final day for payroll EOY returns.

I have a couple of limited companies who haven't managed to get me details of all of their CIS suffered.

This wasn't a problem previously as I could amend CIS suffered with an EYU

Now we need to submit a Year End Amendment FPS. But an FPS doesn't have CIS suffered on it.

Does anyone know how this will work?


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By lionofludesch
18th Apr 2021 14:37

Depends what software you're using. You want an EPS not an FPS.

I tested it on Moneysoft - I stuck an extra bit of CIS in the usual place and up popped a message saying there was an EPS PYA to be submitted.

If you're not using Moneysoft, it'll be similar, I suppose.

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By mumpin
18th Apr 2021 15:03

Yes, I'm using Moneysoft.
Thanks for your diligent experimentation Lion. Much appreciated.

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By BudgetB
18th Apr 2021 17:27

I've done this multiple times with Moneysoft, for that exact reason. It's not a problem at all, every time you change the CIS suffered it lets you submit another EPS, even months after the year end.

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