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PAYE Notices

PAYE Notices

Not only do I not get an email telling me there are notices waiting for me on the website, but when I get to the website I can search in every way I want EXCEPT show me all outstanding notices, and let me print and delete them.

Am I missing something here, I've just logged in to find over 20 of them, and I have to go to each client individually to then use my browser printer to get copies of them.

Why can't they send them to me by email, and if not, why can't I log into a secure email client, that actually LOOKS like an email client, not a half baked ill thought out webpage.

Rant over
Ian Clark


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09th Jun 2006 15:36

What is going on?
I'm so glad I read your post. I haven't received any e-mail notices for a while but it didn't occur to me that they had stopped issuing them. Logged in and found tax code changes for 3 employees! Does this mean there is a temp. glitch or, even though I have registered to be notified for everything on line (I checked my "account" and that is still the case), is this no longer operating? I haven't seen anything else about this. We might as well switch bakc to post notification.

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07th Jun 2006 10:50

Packages that pull information from system
Which payroll package "pulls the information from the system"? Does it then apply it?

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06th Jun 2006 10:03

A step backwards
The old system was not broken, but they just had to fix it.

I do not know if I get all the e-mail messages I should, but I do know that when I go into view the notices, it takes an eternity for the PAYE viewer to load. When I print a notice, I get tiny font in the top left corner of an A4 page. When I selected a client with an "Other Notice", nothing was found until I extended the search dates - it turned out to be my first £250 incentive for 2006/07. I am wondering how many I might have missed, but short of going through every client individually, what can I do?

Bring back the old system, but with the modification of a tick box on the list for printing so that you can print all the new notices without having to open each one separately. Then you can use the tick box to delete the notices you have viewed.

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By Anonymous
06th Jun 2006 07:40

I agree
The new service for 2006/07 is not great.

It will let you pull down a list of 'notices received in the last 7 days' across all clients - but who does their payroll every week.

Surely the system ought to let you get a list like the previous system did of all notices in the tax year, or in a particular period.

Doesn't matter if you use a payroll package that pulls the information from the system, and are prepared to wait for the interminable delays of trying to access data from the new system.

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