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PAYE online for agents - tax liabilities

PAYE liabilities of clients for agents

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On 14th April I went into my agent PAYE online account and found that I could access the tax liabilities of a client, which had previously not been available.

Today I went in and this was no longer apparently available. Then I noticed that the tax liabilities part of it in April had been headed 'Beta' implying that this was a feature being tested.

In an attenpt to find out what was going on I phoned HMRC's supposed PAYE Online for agents 03002003600 (stated as such on the government website) and selected all the options including 'agent'. After 15 minutes the call was answered and I was informed that that line was not specific for agents and that the person answering knew nothing about this and that I should call the Employers' helpline (a little unintuitive as I am not the employer for this purpose). My experience of the Employers' helpline is that you can wait a very long time for an answer (indeed I have never successfully phoned it) and so was unwilling to try it..

Does anyone know what is going on with this 'Beta' access for agents to PAYE liability information about their clients and if I can opt into this Beta test? It would be a considerable help to me.






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By lionofludesch
05th May 2018 10:01

Me too.

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By Arbitrary
10th May 2018 11:19

The Beta version has now returned. Nothing I have done to make it do so.
Thanks to all for the comments.

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