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Paye Reference Number

Paye Reference Number

Hi Everybody

If a person has directorship for 3 companies but he has received salary from only 1 company. The other companies dont have any employees. Is that required to show the other companies in personal tax return though no salary or dividend received from them. Because if we mention the directorship in the tax return, we also need to provide Paye Reference number which we dont have. And if we apply for Paye reference number then we need to submit Paye returns as well.

Is that ok to submit personal tax return without mentioning the directorship of companies with no salary and directorship?

Anyone can guide



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By ACDWebb
23rd May 2012 08:10

You do not need to include Employment pages

for Nil paid directorships/employments, but should still make a White Space note to advise that the directorship(s) are held but no salary or benefits are received - see page TR3 on the SA150

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