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My employer has set up a new ltd company recently, first employee started beginning of Sept so will be due their salary at the end of Sept.

its been awhile since i had to go through all this palaver for a completely new setup.......can anyone help with the processes (we use moneysoft for payroll)

I applied for a paye scheme (via our online account- add a new tax) about a week ago (was this correct?). i dont know how long the paye ref will take to come along, or if it will even be available when running the first pay month.  if it doesnt come through in time how can i run the employees pay - do i set up a dummy one on moneysoft pending the actual paye ref...........presumably i cant submit via rti until this is received. Also can i only set up the auto enrol pension when i have the paye ref too?

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By SXGuy
08th Sep 2021 19:38

Confused. Not having the references doesn't stop you accurately calculating pay and taxes to stop.

What it does stop you doing is filing the rti submission on time and paying hmrc the tax due.

You may also want to consider registering employee for an auto enrolment pension since its now a requirement if they are paid above a certain amount.

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Replying to SXGuy:
By lionofludesch
08th Sep 2021 19:47


Nothing to stop you calculating the pay, based on starter forms and the like.

Even if you haven't the time to set up a pension scheme, you can work out what to deduct from the employee. Ten seconds on a calculator if all else fails.

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By tltodman
08th Sep 2021 20:08

If it was me I'd delay worrying about the pension by using the 3 month enrolment postponement - but you do need to send info to employee giving them the option to opt in sooner.

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By bettybobbymeggie
09th Sep 2021 18:19

The "New Employer" letter (NEP1) rarely takes longer than a couple of weeks to arrive in the post after submitting your registration application. In Moneysoft create the employer as normal just without the PAYE & accounts office references and add them later. You can still generate all the reports & payslips you'll need and submit your RTI stuff when the NEP1 turns up.

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By ohwhatnow
09th Sep 2021 18:25

Many thanks for that, a brilliant solution….did wonder if I could do that, just needed confirmation. Didn’t really want to be doing things manually then having to duplicate it to submit the FPS etc. Great, thanks for your time.

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