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PAYE software Warning

PAYE software Warning

If any of you use a Pay As You Earn programme called PAYE Master (in the UK)' issued by Freeway Software ' I suggest that you desist using them based on my experience:
Back in 1998 I purchased their programme ' without support ' and renewed it every March through to 2001. I was 'happy' with the programme and I received a free version upgrade on the 1st March 2002.
In March 2002 I decided not to renew this programme as I was forced to also take their Support Contract at an unwanted cost.
Three weeks ago I had a hard disk crash (luckily data was backed-up and accessible) and had to replace it. I re-installed the PAYE programme (version 2) and could retrieve my files dated before the 1st March. Realising that data files after this had been created in the upgrade version 4.3u, I tried to install this ' only to find that the files had disappeared from the disk!
I have sent the disks back to the supplier and requested replacement. Today a representative of the company telephoned me and said that I could only get replacement disks if I paid for the full amount of a new programme! I consider that to be extremely shabby treatment and very customer unfriendly. I am not trying to get their latest programme, just replacement for the free programme upgrade. I even offered to pay £10 per disk but, no, this was not possible.

Stephen Elms


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06th Aug 2002 10:47

This might work ....

Having reflected on your problem, you may possibly be able to at least view and print the 'lost' information by restoring the post March data into the evaluation download copy.

This is available here:

Just to be safe, however, you will need to double check that this will not infringe any of the terms and conditions first.

Nick Hinman

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06th Aug 2002 13:28

Freeway Software PAYE Master
Many thanks to those who replied. FYI we moved from Freeway to Moneysoft payroll manager because we had expressed (in writing) concerns regarding data output.

We therefore only wanted the freeway programme to run up to 5/4/2002; thereafter all we wanted was data retrieval for InRev purposes.

I have not - habitually - copied floppys for backup purposes; primarily because we use so few based on that media now and that I've never had a programme floppy fail. However 1 bitten = twice reminded!

When this same problem happened in the preceeding year Freeway replaced the "wiped" disks for £10 (before we renewed)

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05th Aug 2002 17:21


As IRIS have recently acquired Freeway, this sounds like one where an IRIS User SIG (which we haven't got yet) may well have been of use see:

Two morals from your unfortunate story.

1. Do not assume that data backups are sufficient and that programs can easily be re-installed - ALWAYS backup your program files together with the Windows registry (if applicable) before and after an upgrade.

2. We use unsupported software at our own risk.

It is no more than one should expect that Freeway would want payment for your continued use of their program for 2002-2003. This is part and parcel of the value judgement you made when deciding not to opt for support cover in March 2002.

The total cost of any software package is but one of the consderations when deciding which one to use. You decided against Freeway's product on cost, but continued to use it anyway.

To warn others of support problems is commendable, but you must admit that there is an element of having brought this on yourself by not switching to a supported product or paying for Freeway's support in April 2002.

Nick Hinman

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