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PAYE website a mess

PAYE website a mess

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Has anyone noticed their client's PAYE payments seem to be a mess on the HMRC website?

Many of our clients payments are missallocated, or missing. we even had specified charges added to some when submissions had been made, and it took an hour on the phone for HMRC to admit it was an error on the website that had affected 30,000 employers.

Just looked at one client where the payment made on 16th November has been allocated to the month ended 5 December. How would they know?? In other cases a single payment has been split between tax and NI and allocated to different months. In another case a random NI holiday has been added for one month. Its positively bizarre, but knowing it would take half a day to sort each one out I'm going to leave it and see what happens.

No, we are not incompetent, the ones I have chased up HMRC have admitted its their fault.

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By DMGbus
20th Jan 2014 13:37

HMRC recent admission

HMRC have today, on their newspages, made reference to PAYE payment recording errors on their system.

They blame a systems update in November 2013, but things were bad before.  All that's changed is that things got worse thanks to HMRC and their "competent" IT partners.

HMRC's Business Tax Dashboard is not showing the correct payment position for tax month 8 for some PAYE schemes.

Therefore, some customers may notice that payments made to HMRC between 21 November 2013 and 16 January 2014 are not showing correctly on the Dashboard.

HMRC is currently investigating the number of records affected by this error.

This arose because of an IT change made to HMRC's systems on 21 November 2013 that was corrected on 16 January 2014 to stop any re-occurrence. HMRC wants to reassure employers that they will not be pursuing any apparent debt relating to this issue.

HMRC will be correcting the data for the affected schemes over the next few weeks, so if you believe that you are affected by this issue you do not need to contact them.

HMRC apologises (*) for inconvenience caused by this issue.

(*) But will go unpunished / unpenalised unlike taxpayers who dared to make minor error in reporting to HMRC.

No reference is made to incorrect Generic Notices inferring late FPS filings (late fictionally in HMRC systems due to incompetence of HMRC system design and/or incompetent IT partners).

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By Ted too
20th Jan 2014 13:42

PAYE website wrong for us too

Our month 8 payment is not showing on the website and when I phoned to query this I was told there are known problems with months 4, 5 and 8.  A slightly harassed sounding girl was able to confirm it had been received, but was not able to explain the 3 random amounts showing as received on 17 December which have been allocated to month 9.  I too am going to leave it for a week or two and see what happens.  I just feel sorry for whoever made those 3 random payments, as they will have to get them found and correctly allocated, because they're definitely not ours!

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By Rachyrachyrachy
20th Jan 2014 14:11

How do you see the PAYE payments?  I was under the impression that agents can't.

Please will you let know where?

Many Thanks


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Replying to SteveHa:
Small Dog's RAT Return
By Oldmanwetmix
20th Jan 2014 16:24

Seeing the payments

We have clients login details too. We have also had instances where the client has received coding notices online, but as agents we haven't!!!!!! We have also received coding notices in the post that never appear online too.

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By Kazmc
20th Jan 2014 15:07

And us...

Yes ours all seem to be incorrect too.

Have just reconciled 1 payroll and 5 of the months this tax year are incorrect on the dashboard!!

It just seems to be the 'payments made' details that have been posted wrong by HMRC.

Rachel - we have our clients registration details to login as them

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