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PAYE/SMP for employed partner of landlord

Is it still possible?

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Another "I've been on maternity leave too long" probably silly question, but I can't immediately find the solution.

A client owns a rental property portfolio, no other income. His partner (live in, not married) does all the (considerable) admin. Presumably a landlord can put someone on PAYE, and that can be a spouse/partner for a justifiable amount for the work done; furthermore, if they have a baby in the future (likely) can they then take advantage of a higher payment in the qualifying week of pregangncy to then get a higher rate of funded SMP from HMRC - is this still possible? I realise that a higher payment in this pay period will attract a higher tax and NI cost. 


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By sarahg
20th Oct 2017 15:41

You will also need to consider auto enrollment obligations if there is a PAYE scheme

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