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Paying an invoice to a engineer in India

Are there any taxes I need to withhold from the invoice

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We have an Engineer that did some consultancy work for us who is based in India, the work was for a project in Nigeria.

He is invoicing our UK business for the works done as this is where the contract for the project is held.

Do you know if I would pay his invoice as it is, or do I need to withhold any form of taxes from him at all?

Thanks for your help!

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By pauljohnston
23rd Jan 2020 10:43

I should treat his invoice as you would any other non-resident invoice. pay it in local currency

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By kestrepo
23rd Jan 2020 12:05

Firstly I would look at the contract that was agreed before the work started...... I am ever the optimist!! I would ascertain who you are paying - a company or an individual etc. Either way I would ask those involved to undergo an Anti Money Laundering (AML) check and provide documentary proof of bank details (i.e a banks statements or similar). I would speak to them about currency and bank charges involved in sending funds to them. To me this sounds like you are paying for services so provided you are happy with the invoice and that the work has been complete satisfactorily I would pay them - from the information in your example I do not think there would be any deductions necessary.

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