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Paying HMRC by debit card

Yorkshire Bank card rejected

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A client contacted me to say that her new Yorkshire Bank MasterCard Debit card has been rejected by HMRC with the message "Card number does not match card type".  She was paying her PAYE.

It definitely says "MasterCard Debit" on the front and the number begins with a 5.  The card works everywhere except HMRC.  HMRC blame Yorkshire Bank, Yorkshire Bank, unsurprisingly, blame HMRC.

Has anyone else had this with a Yorkshire Bank or Clydesdale bank card ?


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13th Dec 2018 15:25

Lion, why would the card function quite normally, everywhere, other than the HMRC environs?
I recently had difficulties, with the renewal of my MLR supervision (a NatWest Bank debit card), linking from the MLR web portal. I had to come away from the portal and use a traditional HMRC payment link.
Seemingly, HMRC's various systems aren't as robust as they would have us believe.
And, to think, a card issued by a bank from God's own county?

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to Chris.Mann
13th Dec 2018 15:36

Never been the same since the Australians took over.

Then they sold out to the Scots !!

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to lionofludesch
13th Dec 2018 16:11

Soon all to be Virgin are they not.

Pretty academic point anyway, they seem to have very few branches left.

We used to have an open credit at a local branch, back in the day when wage packets were wage packets and to get petty cash, now all electronic wage payments and petty cash has me going to a cash machine, taking cash from my personal account, and getting reimbursed by transfer from my employer.

I have already ported one of our two main business entities elsewhere, including uplifting circa £0.5m from them for better rates, I also know others leaving them , so not sure how long they will be out there as a real banking presence- we are customers since 1994.

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14th Dec 2018 09:19

I've paid my own tax with a CYB Mastercard Debit card, though not recently, it worked fine when I did.

Our practice is also with Clydesdale and uses a debit card, never had any particular issue with paying, but I don't know if we use the card or other means for HMRC payments.

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to Duggimon
14th Dec 2018 09:26

The client's never had a problem either - until she got a new improved card a couple of months ago.

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By Njgrep
16th Dec 2018 08:15

I have had exactly the same problem this am. Very frustrating

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