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Paying Sweedish company

Paying Sweedish company

I have a UK company who has engaged someone to do work for them (medical services), in the UK.

This person providing the medical services has a Sweedish company and is to invoice through this compnay.

Although the work is in the UK and the company foreign, I can see no problem in paying this or am I mistaken?

Are there any pitfalls or problems I should look out for?

Obviously there is the number of days worked in the UK and residence status problem, but this is a personal tax issue and not our issue as far as I'm concerned.

Thank you in advance for your help and advice. 


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24th Jun 2012 13:04

Employment status

As your UK company client is engaging someone to work for them then the responsibility falls upon them to consider employment status. Is the person doing the work for them an employee?

If the worker has no risk, can't provide a substitute, doesn't decide where/when/how they work then they could be an employee (although there are other factors) in which case HMRC would expect PAYE and NIC to be operated by the UK company on the payments made.

Your company might also need to consider their obligations from a Swedish tax perspective. They might be required to register as an employer there, for instance.

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