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Payment of Non Executive Directors

Payment of Non Executive Directors

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Hi everyone

I am trying to establish the correct treatment for the payment of non executive directors.  My initial thoughts were that the payments should fall under PAYE, however, having looked into this further and spoken to several people and advice lines there appears to be no clear answer or legislation to follow.  Can anyone help, with reference to tax law or maybe an article from one of the accounting bodies on the subject - such as the one below (which I can't access as I am not a member of the NED group of the ICAEW)

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By taxguru
23rd Sep 2016 15:44

It's pretty clear - a director is an office holder by virtue of s.5 ITEPA/03, and as a consequence PAYE will apply to any payments made to him/her. Should he provide his services through a PSC then IR35 will bite, further to the FA/13 amendment to s.49.

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Replying to taxguru:
By lionofludesch
24th Sep 2016 10:06

Oh no - more acronym ambiguity!!

First FRS, now PSC.

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By RetiredTax
23rd Sep 2016 23:36

Spot on Taxguru IMHO

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