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Payment service?

For overseas "BACS"

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Hivemind, I'm after some assistance please.

I'm trying to find a payment service that could take over some payroll payment processing for us. We have a non-UK employer with employees within the UK and the EU. The employer cannot get a bank account as it does not and will not have a presence in the UK, so setting up a UK bank for paying employees via BACS isn't possible.

In another company we're currently using a Caxton currency card and I noticed that they also do a payment service for payroll, however their banking is in the UK which got me thinking in general. We're currently making individual international payments to employees and at hundreds of payments at £20 a pop it gets real expensive real fast. Have you come across any tried & tested payment services that could reduce our costs and maybe increase efficiency? The only thing that was suggested to us was Western Union and that's a no-go...

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