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payments on account


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I have a client for whom we completed a claim to reduce payments on account for 2016/17 - based on known change in circumstances and best estimates at the time.

We were £126 out and HMRC have issued a collection letter from Debt Management demanding immediate payment (£63 due 31 Jan and £63 31 July 2017). Arithmetic understood but seems unnecessarily harsh in the cicumstances. There was of course never any intention to "take the micky". Anyone else had similarly seemingly petty experiences?

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24th Nov 2017 15:30

Petty petty. Had a letter this week from HMRC with a threatening attitude that the box "Is he a director" had not been ticked on 16/17 SA. Could it be amended and re filed.
Customer Relations does not enter into HMRC's mindset. Have you ever been on to them and tried to make them laugh! Have a go next time.

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By Paul D Utherone
25th Nov 2017 17:48

To be fair they are correct and I suppose it comes down to how the letter is worded (which is probably a template "pay up or we're sending the boys round").

They've got £2.00 late paid interest running at the moment as well

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