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Payments on account

What of this tax can be coded out?

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For 2018/19, payments on account had been reduced to £500 from £1500 each due to change in circumstances ie taking up employment

the final tax for the year is £2,000.

what amount can be coded out?

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By Matrix
25th Jun 2019 11:57

I don’t see how there would be a balance of tax due if the POAs were reduced unless it is CGT or something else.

But the POA always has to be paid.

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Replying to Matrix:
25th Jun 2019 15:20

Thanks for the reply

are you suggesting the reduced POA's have to be made ie. total of £1000 (£500 each) and the balance of £1000 can be coded out.
do you think, as the POA has been reduced from £3,000 (£1,500), the full amount has to be paid as it is less at £2,000 and therefore can't be coded out?


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