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payments on account not showing

payments on account not showing on online account

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some clients payments on account not showing on hmrc online account- have other people noticed this?

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By K81
03rd Apr 2019 11:21

this is a known problem that has been ongoing for a while.
HMRC have attempted to correct without success - you need to contact HMRC & they will reinstate the payments on account.

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By CazzyT
03rd Apr 2019 11:52

We have had this a few times - quick call to the agent line and they will correct it for you. Another known error!

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By SXGuy
04th Apr 2019 09:45

Client of mine, received a demand for last years unpaid 1/2 estimates last week.

Trouble is, he never had any, was never required to have any, his tax was below the threshold where 1/2 estimates apply.

So while HMRC are trying to sort this mess out I think they may also be trying to catch tax payers who shouldn't have had any in the first place.

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