Paypal bank feed into Quickbooks a shambles!

Have I set this up wrongly or is it the same for everyone?

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Just doing some bookwork for a small retail business and the problems caused by the paypal bank feed connection into Quickbooks online is remarkable, just a shambolic piece of automation such that it is almost more effort than doing it manually off a csv file or even statement.  Some transactions are just completely missing (i.e. they show on the actual paypal statement but not through the bank feed).  A simple £50 purchase for instance, simply not there.  Then there's an issue that a purchase with paypal but using the bank account to fund it records only the purchase and not the money coming into the paypal account from the bank. Then there's a nice little "feature" lol where a shopify sale that has been later refunded shows the refund amount being paid back in the feed but not the original purchase amount which for some reason disappears into the ether.  

So I am wondering - have I missed something here with the setup (are there some secret settings somewhere to somehow improve this thing)?  Or is it really this awful and one just has to learn it's "quirks" and adjust one's expectations of time saved with an automated feature which, in this day and age, I would have expected to be much slicker?

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By Lucy N
22nd May 2024 18:35

My client's paypal / QB feed works perfectly well

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By rmillaree
22nd May 2024 19:54

paypal feeds are subject to higher levels of unreliability than other feeds

paypal does foreign curency and has lots of clawback type stuff or stuff put on hold then released - it may work fine if it doesnt easier to ignore feed an import from csv export from paypal - the full history csv export is normnally fairly decent albeit some tweeks are normally needed

luck of the draw here - or more likely to go wrong if you have more complciated entries

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By sallyrichardson
23rd May 2024 09:59

The Paypal feeds I have used in QBs have all been hopeless. If you contact QBs support they blame Paypal but the feed into FreeAgent is 99.9% accurate so it is definitely QBs that is the problem. I ended up manually uploading the missing transactions from the Paypal statement. Took ages.
Sorry to not be more help - but it is not you!

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By agillies
23rd May 2024 10:21

With paypal and ebay I had high volume of entries with very low values. I downloaded paypal/ebay in excel with check totals etc and that allowed fees and expenses to be Grossed up and as well as refunds etc. Then imported to QB and rules created to handle all the coding. As it was already reconciled in excel I knew it would work. Only issue was QB restrict import to just to 1000 rows imported at a time - but the template could be re used as often as needed.

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Pile of Stones
By Beach Accountancy
23rd May 2024 15:45

Paypal into Xero works too (although the feed doesn't have many transactions on it each month)

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By IreneA
27th May 2024 13:30

Consider using something like A2X or Link My Books if you have a lot of online transactions (including those paid for via Paypal). They are not cheap but worth it to avoid getting your accounts package swampted by hundreds or thousands of small transactions.

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