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Payroll ad hoc queries - recommendations

Looking for recommendation for a support line for ad hoc payroll questions (other than HMRC).

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Hi All,

we don't get too many questions we don't know the answer to around payroll queries (most of our clients are fairly straight forward) but when we do, we can spend alot of time hunting down the answer. For example an employee TUPE'd over to a new company who is already half way through SMT but the old company hadn't claimed anything). Not a hard one, but still, all takes time.

Does anyone use (or can recommend) a support line for these sort of ad hoc questions?

many thanks


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By Livepay
12th Dec 2018 11:50
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By nodhedz
to Livepay
12th Dec 2018 16:53

Interesting. Looks good.

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