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Payroll Adjustments

How to adjust previous payroll figures?


I have got a client whose payroll is messed up by his previous accountant.

He run the same payroll under his two businessess. He was supposed to run payroll till Month 2 under Business 1 & from Month 3 onwards under Business 2.

But instead he put the figures from Business 1 in Business 2 to start the Month 3 payroll. 

HMRC advised me to file negative figures till Month 2 for Business 2 where payroll actually started from Month 3, which i did but the problem is that it has changed everything as well from Month 3.

Client has already paid to employees so Net Pay/Gross Pay can't be changed till to date.

I use Payroll Manager 100 software & was trying to see if there is any way to adjust these figures and keep the net pay/gross pay same.

There is an option called Rounding in Payroll Manager where you can round the Net Pay which i did to match amounts already paid but it had somehow changed two-three weeks gross pay as well. 

Does anyone know how to fix the above issue?

I will be greatful thanks. 


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14th Dec 2017 08:18

The exact error made by your client isn't clear from your explanation. The first thing anyone trying to help you needs to understand is exactly what your client has done.

Did he start B2 as if it were a continuation of B1 rather than making everyone a leaver in B1 and new starter in B2 with P45 from B1?

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By Shahood
20th Dec 2017 22:29

He started B2 without issuing p45 and just put the year to date total from b1 in B2 a day before the actual payroll started. Hmrc thought that it was a salary but it was year to date figures where were paid through b1.

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21st Dec 2017 09:50

Current year, or a previous year?

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