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I am small business owner looking in the UK looking to employ an Irish resident to work remotely from Ireland. Would any of you be able to recommend a Ireland based payroll bureau I could use for monthly payroll admin.

Many thanks in advance.

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By Paul Crowley
23rd May 2024 19:40

Bright software are an Irish company.

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
By FactChecker
24th May 2024 13:01

... and I believe they have software that supports Irish payroll processing.
However I'm not aware that they offer a bureau service (although their software is available to bureau, for them to use for their clients).

OP: typing "irish payroll bureau" into Google will generate many options.

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By neiltonks
24th May 2024 09:41

Something you need to consider in addition to payroll is employment law, as the rights of employees in Ireland differ significantly from those we have here in the UK. If you're not familiar with the topic it might be useful to try and find a provider who can advise on this as well as just processing payroll. The Workplace Relations Commission (the Irish equivalent of an Employment Tribunal) can impose significant penalties for breaches.

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Replying to neiltonks:
By FactChecker
24th May 2024 12:56

England* and Ireland (even more than the USA) are "two nations separated by a common language" - particularly in the areas of employment and tax legislation.

* = my use of England there is deliberate (although strictly speaking it should read 'England & Wales'), because the UK includes N. Ireland which itself has some very different employment legislation.

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By Barbara G
24th May 2024 15:55

If your worker is a resident of Northern Ireland and working from there, a UK based payroll software should be sufficient. I'm from NI and although there are some employment law differences, e.g., those that come to mind are calculation of holiday entitlement for employees who work variable hours, and calculation of redundancy entitlement, on the whole the legislation is much the same as the rest of UK.

However, if your worker is resident and working from the Republic of Ireland, the legislation is vastly different.

Occasionally we have been asked by Republic of Ireland employers to run payrolls for their UK workers, even though they can run the R of I payrolls themselves in-house.

Due to the difference in employment law between the two entities, I would suggest you seek out a payroll provider for your R of I worker, rather than just relying on software. I'm not in a position to give a recommendation, but I think from hear-say that Crowleys DFK is one example of a number of R of I firms which could run a payroll for you.

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