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Payroll Bureau software recommendations

Looking to replace Earnie with something else, needs to be able to import old data

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Hi All,

If anyone out there has any recommendations for Payroll Bureau software I would love to hear them.

I expect many people have had to really get to grips with the abilities of their current software due to Covid so how did it stand up in the heat?

Any tech people who have experience of looking after the back end databases etc, would be good to hear your thoughts and if it was possible/easy to get the data over from Earnie.


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By jcace
26th Mar 2020 15:04

I have no idea about Earnie, but would thoroughly recommend BrightPay. I've been using it for several years now for a wide variety of clients and can't speak of it highly enough.
It is constantly improving, has employee portal facility, is intuitive in the way it handles Auto Enrolment, links via journals with a wide range of online software and can import records from other payroll software etc.
Definitely worth checking out.

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By jpf1101
26th Mar 2020 15:30

Had an online demo of Keypay today ( I will mainly be using their sister product directorpay).

Very impressed with it, yes it will cost me more than Moneysoft, but the time it will save across the year will more than make up for it.

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By AWeb72
26th Mar 2020 15:49

I'd say the same for Brightpay for the reasons listed. Slick interface and makes running my bureau payroll so easy

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By legerman
26th Mar 2020 15:59

Ah, Earnie. I used that when I worked at Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Chamber several eons ago. Lovely bit of kit.

I use Moneysoft nowadays which I'm more than happy with. Does Earnie have a CSV export? Might be possible to import the staff in that way.

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