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Payroll Clients

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Evening All,

I've recently set-up in practice and am starting to take on payroll clients. I'll be using Brightpay and am comfortable with processing weekly/monthly payroll, RTI submissions and auto-enrolement but am unsure with regards to what information I need to ask from the outgoing accountant.

For example, a client contacted me today to say they would like me to take over the payroll from 1st Feb. Their current accountant has dealt with all the set-up, processing, auto-enrolement etc. and I'm not sure the client is aware of any of their HMRC reference numbers, pension details etc.

I know that taking over the payroll mid-way through the year isn't ideal, and it's not something I've done before, but the client is determined.

So far I have on my list the P11 deduction sheet for each employee, the P32, PAYE office and reference number and accounts office reference. 

My question is, what additional information would you ask for?


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By SXGuy
29th Jan 2019 21:01

I'd be reluctant to take on payroll before year end. Because of the unique client identifier for each employee that's submitted with rti.

You need to make sure yours are exactly the same, or hmrc will assume every employee has 2nd jobs.

Complete nightmare

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By lincolnartist
29th Jan 2019 22:04

Why can't the client wait for the sake of two months?

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By jcace
29th Jan 2019 22:42

You could ask for the latest FPS file in xml format, as BrightPay can then import some of the required data.
As has been pointed out, it will be advantageous to know, and continue to use, the existing unique employee RTI identification reference.
Do you know what software the current accountant is using? If it's one that can be imported into BrightPay, perhaps they would be good enough to send you a backup.
Alternatively, if there are several employees, you could ask for data to be sent in csv format ready to import.
However, the easiest option is to wait until 6 April - no amounts to enter then, just employee info.
You'll also need comprehensive details of the Auto Enrolment scheme and requirement, who has been enrolled, who's opted out etc etc

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By Counting numbers
30th Jan 2019 12:24

Brightpay have some excellent advice on their website that might be worth a read before embarking on a mid-year setup. I found it very helpful when I first started using the software.

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