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Thinking of outsourcing payroll. Are there any payroll only companies you would recommend?

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By paul.benny
21st Dec 2021 11:41

It depends

How many employees do you have?
How many starters/leavers each period?
What’s the pay frequency?
How many are fixed vs variable pay?

And what do you hope to achieve by outsourcing? The most difficult/time-consuming bit of payroll is the build up to gross; the second most difficult/time-consuming part is dealing with queries from employees whose pay isn’t what they expect. An outsource provider isn’t going to be able to help much with these.

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Replying to paul.benny:
By Accountant2020
21st Dec 2021 13:12

Paul, I'm hoping to save some of my time each month and I believe it may be a step between hiring an employee to do it (when not quite there) or having the flexibility to gradually build up to that point as my practice grows.

I will certainly consider the points raised.


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By SXGuy
21st Dec 2021 13:28

Personally if payroll takes up to much time your probably engaging in the wrong type of client.

I wouldn't think of outsourcing I just stick to payroll that's easy to service and takes a hour at most each month.

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By Hugo Fair
21st Dec 2021 13:37

Are you an accountant (as an employee) in a company who is considering outsourcing Payroll? Or are you in practice and considering outsourcing Payrolls that clients have already, in effect, outsourced to you? The two scenarios bring very different issues.

Also, as Paul says, there are many questions that will help define the complexity of the Payroll (and of the supporting service required for it) ... which could continue with:
* Who decides the HR aspects that often determine the rules by which gross pay elements are calculated?
* Who authorises any changes to values in the next pay run (and within what cut-off deadlines)?
* Are there any sector-specific reporting requirements, including any regular online submissions?
* How many Pension schemes are in use, and is opting-in/-out of these seen as a function of Payroll?
* Do you expect the outsourcer to be responsible for making payments to employees on time (and indeed to 3rd parties such as Courts)?

Ultimately, any 'answers' (or even suggestions) to your OP are going to be dependent on these and many other multiple factors ... and I haven't even mentioned costs!

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By accountantccole
21st Dec 2021 13:58

AFH Payroll in Eastbourne
They used to run all of my payrolls before I closed my practice. They work for other accountants too. Most of my clients they billed direct but other accountants preferred to make it look like an in-house payroll team was working on the payroll so they emailed from the accountants email etc and invoiced the accountants.
They work for clients across the country

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By sarahg
22nd Dec 2021 16:08

Try CJ Bookkeeping - they are very good

[email protected]

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By payrollco
22nd Dec 2021 18:30


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By johnasamd
22nd Dec 2021 18:42

the previous company I used to work for outsourced to a company called "Intelligent Payroll" - I think this is their website
01254 781969

The main contact we had was Sal who dealt with all our clients -.
I used the software and it was refreshing as we had instant access and every client was impressed.

My boss also mentioned that they pay us for each client but not too sure on particulars


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Routemaster image
By tom123
23rd Dec 2021 08:09

The thing is, you are already an 'outsourcer' for your clients.
Moving it further down the line will not impress the client - or his staff, when answers take longer to fix.

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