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Payroll help - need to learn as much as possible

Payroll help - need to learn as much as possible


I'm a part qualified accountant working in small practice.

Due to someone leaving, I need to learn payroll basics (there's no training).

I'm struggling to find somewhere online which teaches you the basics of payroll and processing?

Once I've done this then I can master the payroll software (I want it to be meaningful).

Thank you for your help.


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By tom123
02nd Mar 2016 11:12

I would struggle to do payroll without software.

Personally, I would not be able to do payroll without software = so conversely for me payroll is all about the software.

You already know the basics - ie personal allowance, an amount free of NI each month,

In addition, there is the requirement to file a return each payroll with HMRC - known as an FPS or full payment submission.

Which software do you have, and do you have a support contract?

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By iknell
02nd Mar 2016 11:37

Look at the software user guide

As you are part qualified I assume you know the basics as tom123 referred to.  Get some tax tables to hand and look at the software user guide.  Whatever software you use should have a user guide to assist you with the basics.


The HMRC returns FPS and EPS need to be understood and potentially Auto enrolment.

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By cbp99
02nd Mar 2016 12:50


Are you saying that your employer is asking you to prepare (and file?) client payrolls without providing the training that you need to do this properly?

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By tom123
02nd Mar 2016 13:05

I remember way back

Many moons ago, I joined a small company as the accountant on a Monday. (having explained at interview I had no direct payroll experience).

The first comment was " you do realise the weekly payroll has to be with the bank by 2pm on Tuesday so it gets paid on Thursday"

I had to try and learn fast, I can tell you.

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02nd Mar 2016 13:09


I suggest you register for some of the HMRC webinars.

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By Alex_T
02nd Mar 2016 13:50

Have you got software?

As tom123 mentioned, payroll software should be able to do the majority of work for you. Do you have payroll software? If so, I would also recommend calling their support team for advice. They might be able to help or at least guide you in the right direction for training on the package. I know for example that BrightPay provide tutorials on their website for each section of the software, making it very easy for the end user to learn it in their own time. 

Best of luck!

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By hje
02nd Mar 2016 17:55


I'd recommend getting in touch with the software house as there'll definitely be user manuals, online training or similar, and some of it may be free as you're already a customer. If not, they will no doubt push you towards some expensive training or a local training provider who may offer courses to get you started. If you do get the chance to get some structured learning after getting to grips with the basics, the CIPP offers a comprehensive range of qualifications.

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