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Payroll - Previous year not filed

Payroll - Previous year not filed

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I am looking on the PAYE agent page of HMRC and note that for all of my clients it is showing a "No" I the column for previous year filed.  I have filed all the Final EPS's for my clients and so it would have been nice to see a "Yes" in this column.  When you click the question mark for more information it says this column is referring to whether a P35 has been filed for this year, so I suppose it is correct that it is saying no as the P35s no longer exist.  It would be nice if they updated their columns to show that the final EPS's have been successfully received, but there is nothing to show this.  Should I be worried by the "no" column, or just assume that it is no longer relevant as it relates to the now defunct P35s.....?

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By fiona_howells
23rd Apr 2014 11:49

HMRC Website

I thought the previous year filed column just related to items which were filed directly through the website and not through 3rd party software?  Not sure if it's linked to the basic tools software though

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By jambokdl
23rd Apr 2014 11:55

All Software

Previous years appeared whether you used 3rd party software or basic tools.  All of ours also show "no" to having been received.  Would be useful if they updated.  Given previous issues on their issue of false late filing notices, I am just waiting on a raft of incorrect notices and penalties saying we had not filed end of year figures - despite knowing they have all been done!

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