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I have been using Moneysoft payroll manager for several years. I find it very easy to use, has a great help desk for the odd time you need it and is good value for money. I have recommended it to many clients and associates.

However I believe there is a fundemental problem with the software that the help desk will not acknowledge. There are instances when you can overwrite locked and paid periods without even knowing.

For instance I did the payroll for the month of October, inputting sick pay to the 31 October as per sick line. I made payment for October and then locked the period.  When doing Novembers pay the employee bring in sick note for November. I enter this in the system then pay and Lock Novembers. By chance I notice that Octobers pay statement has been changed adding in the sick pay for 1 to 5 November and adjusting tax and NI. So I paid the wrong amount in October to the employee and paid the wrong amount of PAYE to HMRC.

Do other payroll packages have the same problem?

I dont believe it should be possible to overwrite a LOCKED month or at least a warning should be given stating that if you proceed this will result in overwritting locked periods.  The help desk dont seem to think this is possible and dont seem to think this is a problem.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and how do they avoid it?

I believe this will hapen to others and the first they will be aware of a problem is at the year end when HMRC send an under or over payment notice, and you may have no idea why there is a difference.


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By Bronco
01st Dec 2009 15:12

Moneysoft problem

I also have had this problem with Moneysoft, it also occurs on other payments linked to the calendar.

There is a adjustment screen where you can make manual alterations.

I used Sage for a while and never had this problem.

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01st Dec 2009 15:52

is it the wrong amount

could it just be that the earlier month was technically incorrect and therfore the program corrected it n'est pas?

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01st Dec 2009 16:17

moneysoft adjusts previous month

Maybe when you set the month ends originally when you opened that file, you used the defaults, which are to the 5th of the month. This seems to have the effect that sick days for the following month, if from 1st to the 5th, automatically change the previous month, even though you locked it.  I have discussed this in the past with the help desk, and it didn't see this as a problem, if I recall correctly. 

You may also find when entering a new employee, that if you enter the annual salary in the relevant window, that it allocates a month's worth to the previous month, even though that had been locked.


It's a quirk of the program, no doubt, but don't let this put anyone off, it's a terrific program


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01st Dec 2009 17:00

Good point OP

I had this doing a payroll for a client. It concerned an employee who had SSP and SMP consecutively.

Problem was this overwriting of prior periods wasn't picked up by anyone until after the P35 had been filed. Several man-hours (unpaid) taken to identify the issue, satisfy the client and HMRC.

I too am happy to recommend Moneysoft and still am, but I am surprised and worried if they do not consider this a weakness worth improving. The measure of the software should be how easily it deals with the more unusual occurrences and not the usual ones.

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