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Payroll Qualifications

I am looking for recommendations for a good payroll qualification for staff in practice

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We would like to offer the staff who undertake payroll processing the opportunity to achieve a qualification and also to utilise the qualification as a training tool for employees new to payroll. 

We have, in the past, used The Learn Centre but were not impressed by their offering. 

Has anyone found a provider whom they would recommend?  Any feedback on Pitman, KBM or CIPP would be much appreciated.

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By Hugo Fair
05th May 2021 00:32

I'm not sure how far the new Payroll Apprenticeship initiative from a couple of years ago got off the ground, but it's worth looking into - as the specification was drawn up by people who really know the industry (and don't have a financial stake in the results).

Take a look at and follow the trail. It's harder work than just doing a few online courses, but will provide a far more robust learning experience and a grounded employee.

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By thestudyman
05th May 2021 22:27

Not from personal experience but CIPP as you mentioned is very well regarded and they offer one off courses as well as qualifications. So can be flexible to the staff.

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By KatieS
12th May 2021 13:56

We utilise Chartered Institute of Payroll professionals for all of our external training and qualifications. We have 60 payroll staff in an accountancy practise.
They have a very varied offering of courses and degrees, which we tailor to our team's level and goals. The technician certificate and the foundation degree are our favourites for the team.
I have completed the degree myself and can highly recommend.

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