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Payroll Software

Payroll Software

I am the accountant for three seperate limited companies that are all linked with one another. Payroll in the past has been prepared by the companies' auditors. However, it has been decided that this should be now done in house. Apart from Sage Payroll can anyone suggest a reasonably priced package that will cover three companies and a maximum of 100 employees?
John Gunson


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09th Mar 2006 11:44

Keytime Payroll
Hello John,

Take a look at Keytime payroll (

Over 1000 firms now use Keytime Bureau Payroll software in their practices, taking advantage of unlimited company/employee processing.

If you have questions or want to discuss pricing, call 0845 456 3103.

Good luck in your search


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09th Mar 2006 11:02

Try IRIS Paye-master
Simple, efficient and easy . Have used it for years and it beats SAGE anytime.

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08th Mar 2006 20:19

Andica Payroll Software
Have a look at Andica Payroll Software

The software is available for a selection of employee bands (10, 25, 50, 100 and unlimited) and an optional multi company feature.

Call or email for full working evaluation software CD.

Bharat Vithlani
Andica Ltd
0870-766 1515
[email protected]

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By Anonymous
08th Mar 2006 14:27

...This question seems to come up weekly at the moment.

Payroll Manager from Moneysoft -

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08th Mar 2006 15:51

Have a look at calc pay

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