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Payroll software

For a client with c 300 CIS sub-contractors

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The client for whom I only prepare accounts and the Corporation tax return has decided to bring the payroll in-house (currently has it outsourced to payroll co). They have c. 250-300 CIS sub-contractors and asked me to recommend them a software for monthly submissions. I use 12pay for my payroll clients and find it great as I know my ways round it, but don't think the client's bookkeeper will be impressed with it.


Thought of recomendirec Moneysoft as have heard good reviews, but can the 1 company version handle a payroll for more than 250 subbie?


Any other software providers for CIS I should look in to?

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By jcace
14th May 2018 10:41

Take a look at BrightPay. It has CIS built in, and is very straightforward to use, both for CIS and normal payroll. Add to this the intuitive Auto Enrolment features that BrightPay offers and you have a super functioning payroll and CIS program.

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By Slim Freddie
14th May 2018 10:52

Give Brightpay a try... unlimited employees and unlimited sub-contractors as standard.

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By @Kilian
14th May 2018 11:17

HI Free-Rider,

JustAccounts software can handle this - no problem. Give me a shout if you would like to look at it.

[email protected]

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Tom McClelland
By TomMcClelland
14th May 2018 11:30

When I last looked, Moneysoft was not suitable for such a large number of workers.

Your existing 12Pay software would handle them easily, and includes, for example, features to import text files or csv files of payments (prepared by the client) to make pay runs quicker and easier when a large number of payments are to be made.

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By Alex_T
14th May 2018 13:47

From my experience, BrightPay copes very well with those kinds of employee/sub-contractor numbers. Give it a try. Best of luck!

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
14th May 2018 14:11

I think Moneysoft maxes out at 250 staff

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By Karina.Harley
15th May 2018 08:39

Hi Free-Rider,

Clear Books has great CIS functionality, and a London-based product development team who are actively working to develop the solution for the construction industry.

I'll PM you with more information.

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