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We are running payroll for around 35 businesses , mostly very small ones with under 5 employees. We have three or four, with up to 30 staff however.

We have used moneysoft for years but it has been giving us problems over the past 4 weeks and I am about to renew our subscription and am having reservations! Is anyone else experiencing issues with Moneysoft hanging and crashing? or does anyone have a better suggestion of a provider?

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By lionofludesch
15th Apr 2021 13:01

I've not had any issues with Moneysoft, other than not being able to send emails, which I suspect is more to do with my firewall than Moneysoft.

Brightpay is the other regularly recommended software on this forum.

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By mbee1
15th Apr 2021 13:11

Brightpay everytime for me and lots of others on here. The Customer Support is you ever need it is also good.

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By DaveyJonesLocker
15th Apr 2021 14:34

I would suggest Brightpay. Yes it costs a bit more but I find the time-saving features worth it such as it assesses auto-enrolment and minimum wage changes for you in the background and alerts you when needed. They're always developing it too.

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By the_fishmonger
15th Apr 2021 14:55

The only problem that's manifested itself with Moneysoft recently isn't their fault - the check for download of notices, etc.

[see other threads on this bit-->]
That's an HMRC portal issue which I did briefly discover on a page last week admitting they were aware of this "affecting certain users attempting to obtain notices through their software".

So, if that's your problem stick with Moneysoft and wait for HMRC to fix their end

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By Wanderer
15th Apr 2021 15:11

suepg wrote:

Is anyone else experiencing issues with Moneysoft hanging and crashing?

We've had absolutely no issues whatsoever.

You sure it's not a problem with Widows updates, there was one reported here caused by updates the other day:-

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By rmillaree
15th Apr 2021 16:31

We have a server and run moneysoft from there and have not really had any unexpected issues - i have always found moneysoft to be extremely reliable and stable.

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By pauld
16th Apr 2021 09:49

I too have been having a few issues with Moneysoft past couple of weeks - similar to what you say i.e. hanging and crashing. Having to keeping closing down and restarting.

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By Counting numbers
19th Apr 2021 13:40

You could trial BrightPay and run it along side Moneysoft for a couple of months to see if you like it. I have been using BrightPay for a few years now and find it very good.

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By clark.hall
19th Apr 2021 14:14

I recommend you use this opportunity to switch to the more forward moving of the two providers - BrightPay. Good value, nice User Interface and hands-down easiest handing of AE Pensions of those I originally trialled.

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By Donald MacKenzie
22nd Apr 2021 09:58

Look at Brightpay. I have used for several years without problems.

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By Nygie
22nd Apr 2021 09:59

Read good things about Brightpay but for a small bureau it will work out 2 - 4 times more outlay per year. It may save you time though as it has extra functionality. The time offset could be worth the extra money.
Your set up and group of clients sounds similar to what I process, I'm still with Moneysoft at the moment.
Get trialling ;)

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By alipearson
22nd Apr 2021 10:11

We used to use Moneysoft for all our clients payrolls but had a few issues so moved across to KeyPay when our subscription was up for renewal.
We pay slightly more but it's saved time and has worked well so pleased we made the move.
Brightpay was our other option but really wanted a cloud solution so went with KeyPay

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By Husbandofstinky
22nd Apr 2021 10:35

No issues with Moneysoft at all. A Windows problem?

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By kevinringer
22nd Apr 2021 13:12

Moneysoft is stable with us.

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Stephen Quay
By squay
22nd Apr 2021 16:19

No problems with Moneysoft. About to renew.

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