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Payroll software recommendations

Payroll software recommendations

I have a client who needs a new payroll system.

Its a large payroll, 1,000+, but not all of the staff are full time and they are spread over a large number of sites.

Some of the locations will have only one employee and most are paid by the hour.

In picking a solution, I think we should consider how we collect the data. If we collect it automatically, then we should look for  a system that will import the data rather than rekeying it. As some of the sites have single workers, it might not be possible to standardise on a single time recording solution.

I don't think my client would be interested in Cloud applciaions, but thats not to say we wouldn't consider them.

Has anyone any suggestions about the products we should consider.

I suspect it will have to be specialist payroll applications.


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21st Jan 2013 22:27

2 separate solutions

I would separate out the time-recording application requirement from the payroll application requirement. Any payroll that can handle 1,000 employees ought to have flexible ways of importing timesheet hours files. For example you might put the time recording in the cloud while running the payroll separately from the automatically collated data.

So find time recording with the flexibility that you need, then graft it onto independently chosen payroll with the features needed.

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By paul.k2
22nd Jan 2013 09:28

Thank you Tom.


I reckoned that would have to be the general approach.

Do you have any suggestions in terms of time recording systems?

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22nd Jan 2013 09:59

A couple of suggestions

paul.k2 wrote:

Do you have any suggestions in terms of time recording systems?

We've worked with 2 products, so we have some experience of those. There are many more in the market of course.

1. idocuments, This is a general web staff data capture set of applications. It runs entirely through browser and would be particularly strong if you need more than just time recording.

2. uAttend,  This application is more specifically targeted solely at time recording and it allows the clocking data to be collected by phone, mobile app, browser, or in larger locations you can have a tag clock machine. But I can't say from personal experience how suitable the uAttend solution would be for 1,000 employees

Either of those products integrates well with both our consumer and Enterprise licenced products.

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24th Jan 2013 13:16

Access Payroll

Hi Paul

Picking up from Tom, for 1000 or so staff you would need a beefy payroll application that can process payroll fast, so I would recommend Access Select Pay - it uses a MS SQL database so can process lots of data quickly and won't fall over in the process, which is important. You can link it to other systems or use the an accompanying timerecording and Access HR select applications too. RTI and HMRC compliant.Contact me for more details. Paul

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