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Payroll Software Users beware -- Have users of Quickbooks 2002 Payroll lost out?

Payroll Software Users beware -- Have users of...

Are you are, that should you or your Clients have been using Quickbooks 2002 Payroll Service, you will be unable to use it for future years unless you purchase Quickbooks 2003 software?

On phoning to renew my Payroll for the next year, I was informed that I would be unable to use it, unless I purchased the 2003 software for about £300.00.

It could be discounted for me by 40%, but considering that the Profession usually buys software, pays any renewal licence, but does not usually upgrade annually, I feel that Firms and Clients ought to be made aware of this policy by Intuit which immediately makes obsolete any Software under the Quickbooks Logo.
Jonathan Goldman


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30th Apr 2003 14:06

Try joining the PAP
Have you thought of joining the Professional Advisors Programme?? The joining fee is £199 ( or £149 renewal I think)but you get all the Upgrades- Full Top of the Range Pro Version free. You also get a listing on their Find a Professional Advisor contact. For Accountants who are well versed in the usage of the product it is a good add on and a cheaper way to keep up to date.I have also found that it is a very good way of getting new clients as there are still not that many practices out there who use this software.Most still prefer the old favourites but with Intuit improving the security features etc. that the Revenue wern't too happy with it is now a much better value for money package thst is easy to use.
The PAP also provides a full training manual on CD so if you want to expand to installing and training you have everything you need.

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14th Apr 2003 17:22

I do not believe that this is the case. Support is being discontinued for QB8 at the end of this payroll year (2003-04?) but not for QB 2002, I suggest that you check with them again.

this is always likely to happen where payroll and accounts are integrated in one package, Quickbooks have always supported old integrated packages for a number of years; your comments are unfounded and unfair.

the new version of QB is good and maybe you should be upgrading anyway!

If you are unhappy go elsewhere and pay even more!

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By admin
16th Apr 2003 11:35

Blame the Revenue for QB position - who else can we blame?
As a dedicated user of QuickBooks and as a freelance consulatant for the product I too was a bit dismayed at there stance on payroll. However a discussion with them has put in perspective:
QB are currently working on an upgrade to their payroll which will allow you to transfer payroll data to the Revenue directly from the package. Therefore it is no longer possible to support a multitude of payroll versions that will facilitate this. - That seems a reasonable approach considering the improvements seen in their payroll over the last few years and as compulsory internet lodgement approaches this will be a great asset to your business.
If you are not using payroll then this issue wont affect you and you can go on using the version you have. If support is no longer available from QB themselves you can obtain the name of a QB advisor in your area on the QB site. I'm sure, like myself, they will be providing support on all versions.

Louise Monaghan

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15th Apr 2003 12:20

Payroll will only be renewed for QB2003 from here forward
Anyone trying to renew their payroll after 10 March 2003 will not be able to do so unless they have QB2003. Quickbooks will offer discounts of up to 100% for those who have recently upgraded to QB2002 but it is a bit of a public relations disaster.

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By pg424
16th Apr 2003 08:52

Its a big increase in price
I agree with previous comments that Quickbooks has always been an excellent product and worth the investment compared to competing products.

I have two complaints however:-

1 - Quickbooks is now a substantially more expensive option than before, £300 per year (for Pro version) rather than £75 or so. The product no longer has the same price advantages over competing products;

2 - There has been a complete failure on the part of Intuit to notify people reasonably in advance that this was going to happen.

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By JSJ54
22nd May 2003 19:48
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15th Apr 2003 17:06

2003 and VAT - Cash accounting
Any of you guys noticed the glitch in the VAT cash accounting reports with 2003.
What a mess !
INTUIT seem a bit slow in putting it right.

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