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Payroll with Norwegian tax

Payroll with Norwegian tax

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I hope someone here can give me some guidance.

An accounts client uses Sage to run his payroll, and has employees working in Norwegian waters.

He has been told by HMRC that the way he is operating the payroll doesn't work with RTI. He doesn't want to outsource the payroll so I don't have any specifics on what he was doing, but I understand he nets off the Norway tax and sends the RTI with the reduced tax figure.

The client says EPAPP5 doesn't work for his circumstances, and without spending days researching the different schemes is there a way he can deal with this?

We have been trying to contact the employers helpline but that just cuts us off after going through all ther questions.

I'm happy to refer the client if necessary, but his softwarre licence is up for renewal soon and if it doesn't have the resource to handle it we need to get something else in place quickly.

Thanks for your time, and apologies for having to be so vague! 

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By tebthereb
20th Feb 2014 21:24


HMRC say he is operating his payroll incorrectly for RTIYou don't know how he has been operating his payrollThe client says EPAPP5 doesn't work

Did HMRC say why his payroll is being operated incorrectly?

Has your client says why EPAPP5 doesn't work? It should.

I am confused as to whether this is a software or technical query, or both.

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